Goji wolfberry juice

I do one thing here and I do it very well. I sell Goji Products. But it goes pergamon beyond that. . I spend extra time making sure i get the best Goji berries at the best price from the best supplier. That's because i'm not trying to peddle a zillion products to you. I spend extra time making sure i do one thing just right. Getting the best Goji products at the best price. I also keep the cost down by sending your berries in ziplock plastic bags. And, in partnership with the. Postal Service, i send you your berries at the lowest shipping cost possible. .

goji wolfberry juice

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Growth is concentrated and therefore efficient. How else is production going to reach that 30,000 tons per year, with the demand growing all the time? There are plenty of blueberry "plantations" in gezicht the. S., usually known as farms. . Many are organic, because that's what folks want. As more and more people become aware of what pesticides do to our bodies, more and more people insist on organic. It's no more difficult to farm berries organically in the. Than it is in China. . But, just as in China, it is more cost effective. How do i save you money? You'll find lots of websites that try to be all things to all people. As you can see, this perfume website is not one of those.

goji wolfberry juice

off the ground. . Got lots of stickers in my fingers! Now those truly are wild crafted. . That's why they're so expensive (try 700-3,000/lb.) When I was growing up in Pennsylvania, i often went into the woods to pick wild blueberries. . It is extremely hard to pick enough of them for more than one round of blueberry pancakes and a big handful of berries on everybody's ice cream dessert because you have to wander all over the woods and marshes to find enough berries and you. It's a similar situation with "wild crafted" Goji berries. In all likelihood, something got lost in translation when somebody claims their Goji berries are "wild crafted." The real picture is more like this: Goji berry plantations have been developed in various areas of China. . Berries are easily inspected for purity.

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Therefore, goji pickers spread sheets of fabric or wide trays under the bushes during harvest and shake them gently until the ripe berries fall. Are these "wild crafted" berries organic, too? . Wild crafted is by definition organic; in fact, better than organic. Genuine wild crafted berries of any saudi kind (blueberries, raspberries, huckleberries, etc.) for sale are quite rare because they are very difficult and expensive to collect. . This is true even if you have cheap labor. In fact, wild crafted anything is really hard to come. Do you buy exclusively wild crafted foods? . Chestnuts to roast over your open fire? Good luck finding them. . How about some nice wild crafted squash, picked wild in the woods? .

It is a lower altitude by far than the himalayan peaks, but it's still in the mountains. . There's very little pollution, especially as compared to lower elevations in China. Since the himalayan mountains in Tibet are extremely inhospitable to growing crops of any kind, the myth of Goji berries being from Tibet has gotten a lot of mileage from a romantic notion not based in reality. Nothing much grows on snow and ice covered peaks. "Wild Crafted" Goji berries - the real deal? This brings us to the subject of "wild crafted" berries. Many ads for Gojis announce that they are wild crafted, and therefore quite unique and especially nutritious. I see the picture in my mind's eye now: barefoot native tibetans scaling Himalayan peaks with hand woven cloth bags over their shoulders, plucking succulent ripe red berries from hard-to-reach bushes that cling to steep slopes, then walking miles back to their villages, barefoot, fording. The fact is that Goji berries are quite fragile. If the fresh berries are touched by human hands, they turn black.

goji wolfberry juice

do you really care? So, just because tibet is well known as a place of enlightenment, are you going to buy the fantasy that all of a sudden Tibetan Goji berries are the straight path to your healthy enlightenment? Lycium Barbarum - a versatile Fruit Get Goji berry tips, Trick, techniques and Recipes Plus you'll have instant access to the 265 page complete handbook of Natural Cures Digital book we value your privacy as much as you. You can unsubscribe at any time - no hard feeling. Lycium Barbarum is the latin name for our Goji berries, which are also known as Wolfberries. Although there are about 80 different varieties of Chinese wolfberries, most of them have a very similar nutritional profile when they're dried. Some fast buck artists would have you believe there is such a thing as a "super duper Goji berry." It's a shame that they have to take an already amazing fruit and try to stretch the truth. . However, it's well documented that the berries come in different qualities. Two regions in the world produce the highest quality goji berries (Lycium Barbarum ningxia province and Xinjiang Province, both in northwestern China. . The soil here is very rich. .

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I could tell you a wonderful story about how wolves love to feast on them at the full moon. See how easy it is to create a myth? . Actually, it is suspected that the term "wolf" was used, perhaps erroneously, because the Greek word Lycos means wolf, and the latin name of the plant, as mentioned above, is Lycium. But "wolfberry" isn't nearly as magical-sounding as "Tibetan Goji is it? . Because of intensive voor exploitation, "Tibetan Goji" has become a sort of generic term among the marketing set. Let's look at it this way. . would you pay 2 or 3 times as much for blueberries because someone decided to change their name to "Fairy godmother Berries?" Or how about because they were grown downwind from a monastery? If so, there's some really nice land near Disney world you can probably get for a really special price. Just for you, of course. Let me put it another way. . When you grab the blueberries, or whatever the fruit of the season is, do you look to see if they come from 'new Jersey' or 'california or even 'mexico'. . goji wolfberry juice

The Chinese word for the plant is gǒuqǐ and gǒuqǐzi for the berry. A much more accurate generic term would be "Wolfberry which is what it has cream been called for centuries all over the planet. . Wolfberry is the common name of the species Lycium Barbarum (Goji berry). Customer Testimonial "What Made me decide to buy from you." I found your frames website interesting because it's very informative and it really addresses the issues about Goji berries. I learned a lot from. Goji juice is so expensive! I especially liked your page that shows how you can grow Goji berries - it really shows that you can grow them yourself and be self sufficient. You are very open on your website, and what made me decide to buy from you is that, although you're making money, you're also giving people all the information they need to have the option of growing Gojis themselves. Dick., marion, il wolfberries grow well in many climates. . In England they are also known as boxthorn. Why are they called wolfberries?

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There are lots of Goji berry myths. . Remember, myths sell berries at high prices. Let's look at some of these myths. What the heck is a "Tibetan" Goji berry, anyway? Approximately 60 million pounds (30,000 tons) of Goji berries are grown every year in the whole world. That's equivalent to the weight of 15,000 average American cars. This does not always meet the demand, especially when the harvest is poor, as it was this year. About 20,000 pounds of them are actually bulabilirim grown in Tibet itself. This is a drop in the bucket for worldwide demand. The chances of you actually getting genuine tibetan Goji berries (grown in Tibet) are slim, no matter what the ads say. The phrase "Tibetan Goji" is recently invented, and you sure do see it in lots of advertising. . Some people spell it "Gogi which is closer to the Chinese pronunciation, with the accent on the second syllable. .

goji wolfberry juice

you'll be glad you did. . It might be hard to find it again later. Goji makkelijk berry myths, cost you money, the goji berry is a healthy powerhouse. But there seem to be some common misconceptions about Gojis that have been perpetuated that help some people take lots of (your) money. Many of these misconceptions were spread by some high powered marketing types who figured you'd never know they were just inventing tall tales. Let's take a look at these made up myths. 1st Goji myth lift Debunked. Some might have you believe there's something magical about "Tibetan" Goji berries" as compared to goji berries grown anywhere else in the world. . maybe the air and water are supposed to be extra pure because of magical monk chants echoing up and down the mountainsides. Customer Testimonial "i like this Site" "This is the only site where you could actually contact a real person. . I sent emails to other sites but got no response. I really like this site." - kimberly., temecula, ca goji berries aren't magical, but they are a wonderful food.

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Get Goji Plants Here, the, simple, safe and trouver Secure, way to Order Organic. Goji berries, online, order from America's #1 Goji, expert. Free "Why goji?" audio book cd with 1st order, we pay your shipping - no hidden charges, priority (2 to 3 day delivery. Free shipping 7 Goji myths Debunked, and more - below. Includes comments from authentic customers, get Started, rachel Thorogood, ba, author. Hi, i'm Rachel Thorogood, ever since i came out with "Why goji?" audio cd, people have been asking me, "Where can I get the best tasting, most nutritious Goji berries?". I was hard pressed to recommend a source because quality varies all over the map. . That's why i decided to start my own website and bust some goji myths. Nederland, colorado, from the desk of Rachel Thorogood. Dear Friend, i t really bothers me to see people get ripped off. Take a delicious, nutritious, wholesome berry, and a generous helping of greed, and you've got a whole tall tale designed to part you from your hard earned money. Please sit back, relax, and let me give you the real lowdown about the.

Goji wolfberry juice
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This is primarily due to the herbs natural qualities that can affect insulin and pancreas function (two main factors that are affected by diabetes). As a result, moynihan recommends seeking the advice of a medical professional before starting goji berry consumption or supplement use. A common side effect seen in most medications or supplements newly introduced to the body is irritation of the digestive system.

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Known for centuries as an herbal supplement with many health benefits, goji berry has been prescribed by alternative medicine medical professionals for the treatment of disorders ranging from high blood pressure to gastrointestinal problems, according. Timothy moynihan of the mayo clinic. However, patients interested in taking the herb must also be aware of the possible side effects associated with goji berry consumption. As with any new medication or herbal supplement, patients interested in adding goji to their diet should be aware that possible drug interactions may occur if these patients are already currently taking additional medication. According to moynihan, the most adverse drug interactions noticed in patients are those individuals who begin treatment with goji berry who already take prescription medication for the treatment of diabetes.

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