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Hayes on being the only 111 call handler for 400k

It is frightening when its like that. Theres physically nothing you can. I found out later that we had actually hit the eshop maximum so there may have been hundreds more trying to get through. People were calling and just getting answerphone messages because the system could not cope. It was like that for two days, and it was horrific. I had never seen so many calls, i dont think managers knew what. I just looked at the board and thought aangeboden the whole things fallen over.

was all down to a question that wasnt asked correctly. It also emerged that this was the second time this problem had arisen. The 111 service where i worked as a manager, covering devon, dorset and Cornwall, is among the worst-performing in the country. Sometimes we struggle to answer even a third of calls in good time. We have taken over more and more of the south West without hiring enough extra staff and as a result we have been stretched thinner and thinner. Our two call centres, in devon and Dorset, were frequently overwhelmed even when we covered just those two counties. Youd have people sending patients to the wrong out-of-hours provider, sending people to the wrong place it would happen often But when we took over Cornwall, no extra staff were hired and inevitably the service for everyone in the region suffered. People in Cornwall were having their calls picked up hundreds of miles away by people who have no idea about their local services. I dont know Cornwall, and I definitely struggled. Youd have people sending patients to the wrong out-of-hours provider, sending people to the wrong place it would happen often. The worst ever was Boxing day the year before last. At.30am when I started my shift, we had 203 calls waiting and only six clinicians logged.

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And Williams death was not the only case of a patient being let down by the service. One terrible failure involved the case of a ten-week-old baby. A 111 call handler wrongly ordered that the baby should be resuscitated using cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. But the baby was breathing and performing cpr on it put it at risk of serious organ failure or even death. The baby had to be examined for internal injuries afterwards but I believe it was. That call was a good example of how the system used by 111 called Pathways can, in my opinion, be unsafe for very young children. Babies and children cant really tell you whats wrong, so it is difficult for parents to give a yes or no answer. I think anyone with experience of 111 would say it has problems for young babies, and its really hard to get cellulite a good assessment done. I think that passing a young baby to a clinician would be a really good idea, but you would need many, many more clinicians to make it work. Another serious incident at our service was when a 15-year-old boy was left disfigured following mistakes by a call handler. Due to a problem bistro with the 111 system, what was wrong with him was not identified.

I know the baby had to be examined for internal injuries afterwards but I believe that, thankfully, it was. Listening to the call really upset me at the time. I had to take a good 20-minute break, and the clinician in the meeting with me was also really upset. But worryingly, even when the call was played back to her, the call adviser involved didnt seem to realise the seriousness of what she had done. Unfortunately, a number of my concerns were tragically proven right after the shocking death of William mead, whose mother called our 111 service hours before he died of sepsis. I will never forget the day i had to listen back to the 111 call made by williams mother, melissa knowing as I listened that, hours later, her baby would be dead. It was incredibly tough to hear that call, especially as a mother myself. But worse still, the call handler that took it was one of my team and I had raised concerns about him before. Unfortunately, the tragic incident with William proved I had been right to be concerned about him. It was just an awful, awful call.

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Another, harrowing failure was that of a 111 call handler who had wrongly ordered a breathing ten-week-old baby to be resuscitated using cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Carrying out this procedure on a breathing infant is incredibly dangerous. It will have put that baby at risk of serious organ failure or even death. Listening to the call was awful. The baby was very young, around ten weeks old. You could hear the baby crying loudly throughout the call so it was obviously breathing. The mother, who was saying the baby had a cough, was very distressed and worried about the child. The problem is, if callers are panicked, i dont think they really hear the questions and thats when the yes, no, yes, no approach of 111 doesnt always work. For some reason, the call adviser had ended up going down the not breathing route and giving completely the wrong advice. During the call, you could hear the little baby whimpering to the rhythm of the chest compressions. What happened was potentially life threatening, because you are pressing cream on the babys heart.

But this was frequently not the case in devon or Dorset. The nurses and paramedics we did have were so exhausted and overworked that some would fall asleep on shift. I was angry, of course i was, but I dont feel it was their fault. Put simply, they were exhausted. I repeatedly raised concerns that the service run by south Western Ambulance service nhs foundation Trust (swasft) was not coping. But my life was made difficult as a result. If I highlighted a problem, or thought people were not safe to do the job, it was seen as me being negative. People who tried to get things done about the problems were branded troublemakers. I was called over sensitive for pointing out how overworked people were, how unsafe it sometimes was. And sometimes what I said was simply ignored. Astonishing blunder that could have killed groene ten-week-old baby. Sadly, william meads death was not the only case of a patient being horribly let down by our service, writes Sarah hayes.

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Sometimes, there will be 60 or even 65 patients waiting for their calls to be answered its a regular thing, particularly in devon. And because we were so stretched, the queue would just not go down. A number of my concerns were tragically proven right after the shocking death of William mead. You would get people ringing up in a panic, asking whats going on often theyve been waiting hours for a call back. You just dread to think what could happen in some of those situations. Some people would end up waiting 12 hours for a call back from a clinician. They would be waiting for the call when you checked in for a shift, and then when you left youd see them on the queue, still waiting. Then theres the idea that call handlers are supported at all times by nurses, paramedics or doctors. Well, i can tell you for a fact that its far from the case. I never knew, from day to day, whether we would have a clinically trained person in the call centre with us or not. The rule on 111 is that you are supposed to have a clinician prijs physically there in the room.

It was a horrendous situation to be in and I had no one to ask for advice. I sent the ambulance in the end and I never found out what happened to the man. But I was angry, and very distressed. To have someone like me, with no medical training, in that situation is completely unsafe for the public. But unfortunately, it was far from unusual at 111 in the south-West. When you hear politicians talking about 111, they talk about teams of highly trained experts, supported at all times by doctors and nurses. In my experience, that image is quite simply just a dream. Before you even get in you start getting text messages saying we are short-staffed, and can anyone come in early to help. You start getting that sinking feeling in your stomach; you know things are going to be bad. Then, walking into the call centre, you can often just tell by the atmosphere its a bad day. Everyone seems flustered, stressed out the wall boards which illustrate how many calls are coming lift in are lit up in red because we are overwhelmed. Night times are the worst.

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Sarah hayes: my 111 service was being expanded without enough extra staff being employed. Ill never forget a night I was left on my own with no nurse or paramedic in a 111 call centre covering the whole of Dorset. I have no medical training but I was responsible for the care of 400,000 people, with no support. I called the most senior manager on duty, who was 100 miles away in devon, and told them I had no medical professional to turn. He said: youll be fine, just best carry. Minutes later, i got a call from a woman whose elderly husband was not breathing or conscious. The woman was in floods of tears, and said she was not sure whether her husband had agreed to have a do not resuscitate order put in place, or not. I had no idea what. I knew he would die if I didnt send the ambulance. On the other hand, i knew it would cause huge distress to the family to have teams of paramedics jumping all over someone at the end of their life, when they would want it to be dignified.

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The pair were profilic in writing instantly familiar pop tunes, and who knew one of Australia's most special and most successful voices of all time would come from a dude from Brisbane with an et fixation. Hayes and Jones had what would become a not so secret weapon in waiting. In becoming one of the most successful songs ever written by australian musicians it transformed into 'our song' for lovers everywhere. The beauty of the first savage garden album was how naive it all was. Songs written in suburban bedrooms became global anthems; the intimacy and innocence of their tunes was immediately genuine and untouched by corporate fingerprints.

hayes beauty supply Ulefobyg, Wed, May, 02, 2018

Against the odds it soared.4 in Australia, with hayes' rapid-fire vocal delivery and that immense chorus seducing radio. Hayes and Jones had spent years preparing for this moment and weren't going to be one hit wonders. To the moon and Back (still many peoples' favorite savage garden song) displayed their prematurely mature approach to panoramic pop and hayes as a lyrical surgeon penetrating the heart.

hayes beauty supply Uneruvyb, Wed, May, 02, 2018

That journey started 20 years ago in 1995, when they'd outgrown other peoples' songs and found themselves in the studio recording their own. There was a name change, from Crush (a title darren hayes would later recycle) to savage garden, from The vampire lestat. First single, i want you was released in Australia in 1995, a year dominated by the angst of Alanis Morissette and not one but two versions of the macarena.

hayes beauty supply Yryjubiv, Wed, May, 02, 2018

The irony is our biggest musical exports have been unashamed pop bands: Kylie minogue, pop's great survivor with Olivia newton-John opening doors for her before that, air Supply and Little river Band showing America they didn't have the monopoly on making iconic ballads. In the 90s, in suburban Brisbane, two men would become australia's most successful duo of all time. It started the way many bands before them had - musician Daniel Jones placing an advertisement looking for a singer in covers band Red Edge. The only application was Darren hayes, a man who knew his way around a classic hit, raised on a healthy diet of Madonna and Michael Jackson. No one knew they'd go on to write their own classic hits.

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Australians have always had a strange relationship with pop music. On the one hand we're the country that first embraced abba - at one point one in three homes own the Swede's greatest hits. On the other we're quicker to hail pub rock icons from AC/DC to cold Chisel as 'serious music'.

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